Fresh info has leaked on Rainbow Six Siege's upcoming Italian Operators. As we knew before they'll be named Alibi and Maestro, but now their unique abilities have been leaked and the usual intrepid Redditors seem fairly certain this a legit leak.

After both of the previous season's Operators were Attackers, both of the Italians will be, suitably, excellent Defenders. The cigar-chomping Maestro is first up, although on my map of stereotypes this makes him more Spanish than Italian. He's got a 'Tortuga' auto-turret, which, again, means 'turtle' in Spanish, not Italian. The Tortuga is allegedly completely bullet-proof when not in use, sitting inside a bulletproof shell. The Tortuga must then be activated and used remotely through a campaign, firing off damaging zaps. Holding fire down will fire multiple zaps.

On the weapons front, Maestro has an LMG on his primary, as well as a Judge revolver which uses mini .410 shotshell cartridges. That explains what the bandolier is all about.

Then we come to Alibi. We've got info on her weapons just yet, but Alibi has hologram projectors that can be placed down, essentially replicating herself. If an Attacker shoots a hologram version of Alibi, they will be tagged Lion-style and the defending team will be able to see their location.

Of the two, Maestro's gadget probably sounds the vaguest, but on the surface, it sounds like a weakened Tachanka-style turret but with minimal risk for using it. Alibi's projectors, meanwhile, sound like absolute game changers. Identifying and taking down enemies fast in a room is a vital tactic. If she can create two clones within the same room, this puts the odds significantly in her favour.

Original Story - 21-Mar-2018 -Rainbow Six Siege Italian Operators Leaked - Alibi and Maestro

A short video of what appears to be Rainbow Six Siege’s two new Italian Operators has been datamined from the latest version of the game. It’s already been confirmed that Siege’s Year Three Season Two update will add two new Operators from the Italian GIS CTU, along with a brand spanking new map, the first in almost six months.

According to the new leak though, these new Operators will be Alibi and Barrage.

Of the two, Alibi looks to be the most straightforward. We’ve heard rumours of an Operator that can use decoys for a while now, and the leaked video, along with her name, heavily hints that she’ll be able to deploy holograms in order to confuse opponents. After we got two Attackers last time out, Alibi is almost assuredly a Defender. Being able to make two copies of herself before an enemy team storms a room could be absolutely crucial to survival.

On the surface, it appears as if Alibi will be a very strong choice for those planning to bait the enemy team into traps or choke points, although it’s going to hinge on just how believable the decoys are. If they’re obviously holograms then players are going to quickly learn how to work around this, but if they’re otherwise identical to a real player things could get very tricky indeed.

As for Maestro, he’s a bit more of a mystery. Again, he’s probably going to be a defensive Operator to help balance out the teams. His ability is called ‘Barrage’, and he’s also carrying a bandolier crammed full of shotgun shells. The ability name doesn’t sit all that well with what a defensive Operator typically does, although one theory is he has incendiary shells for laying down fire, or potentially even allowing Defenders to blast through their own reinforced walls.

The two new Operators aren't due to launch until Season 2's arrival, which should be around about the first week of May.

What are your thoughts on the new Operators? What could their abilities be?