This is just the smallest of free game klaxons - F1 2015 is currently free over on Humble Bundle right now.

The official video of the 2015 FIA Formula World Championship is three years old now, and since usurped by F1 2017 on Steam, but free’s free so we’re not complaining.

Time is tight on this one though. You can only grab F1 2015 until 5pm GMT today, which is about eight hours after this article goes live. All you’ve got to do is add it to your basket for the low, low price of nothing, and then check out. You’ll then be emailed a Steam code for F1 2017. Simple.

Jon reviewed F1 2015 and gave it a rather mediocre 6.5/10, but he’s a racing philistine who prefers Mario Kart so take it for what it’s worth. At the time he said “There’s an undiluted thrill to racing at 200mph; it’s intense, nerve-shredding work, demanding damn near perfection from avid racers. Codemasters normally has an excellent track record when it comes to feature sets, which makes it even frustrating when it feels like we aren’t getting the whole package. Having waited patiently for that generational leap, my advice to you would be to wait for the no-doubt feature-packed version next year. That is unless you’re a die-hard fan keen for those roster updates, at which point you’ve likely sold yourself on F1 2015 regardless.”

Just head here to grab your free copy of F1 2015. Happy racing!