We’re one day away from the third-most anticipated game of the year launching. Far Cry 5 brings its usual blend off-the-wall chaos to PC and consoles on March 27th, and with Ubisoft that means only one thing - an opportunity for yet another trailer. The singalong Far Cry 5 ‘My Country Tis of Thee’ trailer is about as tongue-in-cheek jingoistic as they come, teasing the explosive (and occasionally sharp-toothed) treats that’ll be coming our way tomorrow.

*wipes tear* It’s beautiful, it really is. All the great American pastimes are here. Drinking beer, fishing, trucking, hunting, braindead cults, and firing a grenade launcher at a herd of cows. Far Cry 5 may have drifted a long way away from its tantalising reveals, but for those thirsting for the usual open-world carnage, this time fully playable in co-op, it seems like an absolute banker.

With any luck, we should have plenty of PC performance news for you shortly, but in the meantime be sure to head over to Far Cry 5’s game page and bury yourself in the system requirements. It’s a fair bit more demanding than Far Cry Primal so we’re intrigued to see just what technical leaps Ubisoft has made.