Ubisoft can’t let a good gag go a-wastin’, so we probably shouldn't be surprised that the hidden ending trick from Far Cry 4 returns in Far Cry 5, nor that it's activated in pretty much the exact same way.

Up ahead we’ve got some small spoilers for the opening 10 minutes of Far Cry 5.

Okay, so right near the beginning of the game you get off a chopper with your US Marshall buddies, tasked with arresting cult leader Joseph Seed. Having marched through Eden’s Gate’s entire base and into a church where Seed’s preaching, the player is asked to press a button to slap some handcuffs on Joseph Seed. The unnerving cult members are watching your every move, and it's second nature to just slap the cuffs on and try to get out of there as quickly as possible.

As ever though, patience here is its own reward. Leave Seed's arms outstretched for about a minute and a half and then the sheriff calls the whole thing off, so you can all just pack up and go home. Knowing what we know now, I'd bet this is the smarter option...

Did any of you discover this trick for yourselves? How does it compare to Far Cry 4's secret ending? Let us know!

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