Incredible numbers of futuristic units being orchestrated to perform a wonderfully choreographed ballet of mass battle by YOU. Welcome to Supreme Commander 2.

Despite it being three years since the original Supreme Commander was released we are advised that the system requirements for the sequel are not going to be that far above the original's. The main reason for this is the game is being developed for the aging Xbox 360 as well as for PCs.

They have stripped down and even rewritten a lot of the code from the original game. The interface is going to be streamlined and cleaned up and multi-monitor support is still very much possible.

It has even been reported that Gas Powered Games have been testing the game on a system as low as a GeForce 6800/ 1gig ram/ 2.8 GHz single core.

In terms of massive mapped RTS games they don’t come much bigger than this. If they can keep system specs low and maintain its looks then this could be another winner. One problem with the original though was stark, empty maps.

We will keep you enlightened as news becomes available.