Ubisoft has been forced to go back to the drawing board once again to rework Rainbow Six Siege’s recoil system. As anyone who’s lined up a perfect headshot and watched aghast as it thuds into a bookshelf can attest, Siege is sometimes a little unfair. Back in September 2017, the recoil system was reworked in order to reduce its randomness, and now Ubisoft is admitting the new system is flawed.

The current recoil system can work fine sometimes, but Ubisoft has identified an issue with fully automatic weapons that can cause bullets to diverge hugely from where a player is aiming. This can result in ‘accidental’ headshots when a player should be a missing, or a well-aimed headshot dropping too low.

“We will be fixing it by making changes to how our recoil mechanic works and we will be deploying this during the next test on the Test Server,” says Ubisoft. “The goal is to offer a clean, tight shooting system that does not cheat players out of a great show of skill, or on the contrary, register a headshot when the player is aiming at the torso.”

Several solutions have been prototyped and Ubisoft seems to have settled on a solution which it’s apparently happy with. The original solution was to make recoil “trival to control”, which is quite a fundamental change, but which Ubisoft though would ultimately favour player skill. This time around, Ubisoft has moved away from predictable recoil and instead focused on a new method that sticks as closely to Siege’s original recoil system as possible. Essentially, it’s going to be like he original system but with less aim-point deviation. The end result is you should feel like your bullets go where you’re aiming.

The updated system can be seen in action below:


The new recoil system is heading to the Test Server during the next update.

From the outset, this looks like a great, and kind of obvious, change. We’ll have to wait and see whether it ultimately ends up a better system, but anything that can reduce the instance of ‘lucky’ headshots has to be a benefit.