Okay, so there’s still a way to go, but E3 crazy season is almost upon us. With Far Cry 5 out the door, AAA multiplatform releases have pretty much dried up for the next few months; the decks are clear and the gaming world is primed for announcements. The likes of EA, Microsoft, and Bethesda have all already put their cards on the table and announced press conferences for the weekend before E3 2018 (June 10th), while Sony and Nintendo will surely follow suit soon enough. And now it’s just the waiting game.

Ubisoft made an unpredictable decision in revealing The Division 2’s existence a few weeks ago, despite being fully aware that an announcement plus trailer would’ve made a bigger splash at E3. This tells us Ubisoft potentially has a lot of interesting ideas up its sleeves if it can just throw out announcements like that, while the likes of Bethesda are keeping their cards extremely close to their chest. Of Ubisoft’s upcoming games, the big ones we know of are The Division 2, Skull & Bones, The Crew 2 (which is out a few weeks after E3), and Beyond Good & Evil 2. The latter game barely even exists yet, and The Crew 2 will have gone gold, providing ample room for some serious surprises during Ubi’s conference. Splinter Cell is the obvious one, but with close to 50 studios, Ubisoft could be cooking up just about anything.

EA, meanwhile, is a lumbering beast with a barren release schedule of guaranteed commercial hits, regardless of how much they endeavor to screw it up. Their upcoming slate is as sparse as we’ve come to expect for a while now, but all eyes are going to be on the official reveal of Battlefield V, and of course Anthem. Can they deliver? We’re eager to find out.

Perhaps the most curious of all is Bethesda. Aside from the recently announced Summerset expansion for Elder Scrolls Online, Bethesda has nothing announced. This is a publisher which released five or six games last year, and at the moment we’ve heard nothing but rumours for 2018 and beyond. When we look back at E3 2017 though, we saw Bethesda announced and released Wolfenstein II, The Evil Within 2 and Dishonored: Death of the Outsider that very same year. Could the same trick be repeated twice? Could this finally be the year that Elder Scrolls VI bursts into being?

Lastly, we come to the platform holders - Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. Microsoft has a heck of a lot to prove. It’s got a threadbare list of fantastic exclusives, a slow release schedule, and it’s in danger of being overtaken by Nintendo in record time. We expect a big, big conference from Microsoft. Sony, meanwhile, might be happy to sit back and milk its previous announcements. The likes of Dreams, The Last of Us 2, Days Gone, and Spider-Man, but would that be enough? As for Nintendo, well, your guess is as good as mine. We know Smash Bros Switch will be playable, but few have a talent for surprising us like Nintendo.

With just over two months to go until E3 2018, what do you think some of the most shocking announcements will be? Share your theories in the comments below!