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Controversial space buccaneer Sean Murray has announced ‘Next’, the largest ever update for No Man’s Sky. The space exploration sim underwent some well documented rocky times during its launch in August 2016, but since then we’ve had some quality content updates in the form of Foundation, Pathfinder, Atlas Rises, and now: Next. Crucially, every one of these updates has been absolutely free, adding new features like base building, land-based vehicles, questing, and the embryonic stages of No Man’s Sky’s multiplayer features.

“We are calling this No Man’s Sky NEXT because it is an important next step in a journey for No Man’s Sky, for Hello Games and for our devoted community,” said Sean Murray, founder at Hello Games. “Each update for No Man’s Sky has been more successful than the last; this was especially true of our last update Atlas Rises. It emboldens the team to push ourselves further. This journey is far from over, and it’s exciting to be working again on something you know will surprise people.”

Murray isn’t giving much away at all about what No Man’s Sky Next will entail. All we got is this brief teaser trailer that reveals that, for the first time ever, No Man’s Sky will be coming to Xbox One as well, including all of the previously released updates and the upcoming ‘Next’ content. Xbox One X owners will benefit from HDR and 4K support.

What I am very curious about though, is the V/RE logo that pops up at the bottom right at the end of the teaser. This is a fictional company that was created by Hello Games as part of the Waking Titan ARG, with an associated website for a headset that seems to be able to probe your dreams. We're really hoping this is just a cryptic way for Hello Games to squeeze in a virtual reality mode for PC and PS4 players, it would be absolutely transformative to the whole experience.

Watch this space as we’ll be bringing you more on No Man’s Sky Next just as soon as we hear it.