It’s been out a day but Sea of Thieves is already riddled with hacks on PC. With no absolute winners or losers, Sea of Thieves sounds like an odd game to cheat in, but that hasn’t stopped a number of cheating programs pop up already.

The cheats offer up a wide range of different benefits, including locking onto players’ heads (which doesn’t actually affect total damage), wall hacks, and chest spotting. So much for Windows UWP apps being hack-proof, they’ve been injected with malicious code in a matter of days. You can see the hacks in action for yourself below, as one sad loser spends a little bit of time ruining everyone else’s day.

On Microsoft’s part this really isn’t good enough, particularly when one of its chief claims with the Universal Windows Platform is that it’s more secure than standard Win32 applications. With the cross-platform play it hasn’t taken long for the Xbox One players to clock on either, some are already asking if it was actually a good idea to let the two platforms co-exist after all.

It’s not all terrible news for Sea of Thieves though. Despite some tepid reviews and the choppy waters of launch, Sea of Thieves has already become the fast-selling first-party new IP of this generation on Xbox One, as well as the best-selling Microsoft Studios first-party title on Windows 10. A grand total of two million players have hit the high seas over the last week and a half.

“As the sun sets on week one, the team at Rare wanted to say thank you to all the players who have joined us adventuring in Sea of Thieves,” said Craig Duncan, studio head.

“Since launching on March 20th, we have seen an incredible number of people from around the globe playing and enjoying the game, which has led to some humbling early momentum. We have watched amazing stories unfold with a number of players working towards becoming our first Pirate Legends.

“The worldwide excitement for Sea of Thieves has made it the fastest-selling first-party new IP of this generation. Having witnessed more than a million players on launch day, our community continues to grow and now has more than two million players. Alongside this, Sea of Thieves is already the best-selling Microsoft Studios first-party title on Windows 10.”