Somehow Ubisoft managed to almost sneak this out without me noticing, but the first PC patch for Far Cry 5 has arrived. While Far Cry 5 ran brilliantly in our benchmark tests, I know a few folks have struggled a little with uneven performance. Far Cry 5 Title Update 4 should help tackle PC performance, including crashes, general stability issues, and a few minor problems with the online co-op. It's not clear how we've got to Update 4 already, but rest assured this is the first patch released for Far Cry 5 since its launch.

I suspect it’s performance and stability that’s going to prove the most beneficial for those struggling to run Far Cry 5 as well as they’d hope. From my time with it, I haven’t actually experienced any crashes of game breaking bugs, but a lot of this will come down to a specific PC hardware a player has.

This patch is available right if you’re playing Far Cry 5 through Steam or Uplay, while the console patch should be ready for this Monday, April 9th.

Far Cry 5 Title Update 4

Stability & Performance

  • Fixed low occurrence crashes and walkthrough breaks
  • Additional quality bug fixes
  • Fixed low occurrence save corruption

Companion, Enemy, & Animal AI

  • Fixed low repro AI issues

Design & Mission Progression

  • Fixed issues preventing silver bar purchase
  • Fixed minor bugs

Gameplay & UI

  • Fixed minor bugs

COOP and Online

  • Improved COOP connectivity
  • Fixed low occurrence COOP specific walkthrough breaks
  • Fixed voice communication issue where players could be permanently muted
  • Hurk was blowing up the client player when in a helicopter, fixed that.

Far Cry Arcade

  • Improved map download efficiency
  • Fixed various Arcade gameplay issues
  • Fixed issue where map textures would be extremely low
  • Improved PVP matchmaking
  • Fixed lobby loadout selection and map selection issues

Map Editor

  • Fixed issue with Arcade Editor crashes

PC Patch Only:

  • Fixed issues that were causing incorrect spawn if the game was minimized during loading