AMD’s official website has been updated with what appears to be a new page dedicated to an unannounced Radeon RX 500X series of graphics cards. We’ll have to file this under “strange but unconfirmed” for now, but it’s looking fairly likely that AMD is plotting a GPU refresh to help pad the gaps until Navi arrives.

While the URL still works, it now leads to a page that’s been stripped of the Radeon RX 500X text, merely showing an otherwise empty page with the text ‘Radeon RX Series’.

Speculation is now meeting as to what it all means, although a graphics card refresh seems to be the likeliest candidate.The ‘X’ nomenclature typically indicates faster performance among AMD graphics cards. Considering the Radeon RX 500 range is just a mildly improved version of the Polaris GPU used for Radeon RX 400 Series though, a similarly minor spec bump two years running would be uninspiring stuff.

Instead, there’s the distinct possibility that these Radeon RX 500X chips could be manufactured on the smaller 12nm node, compared to 14nm for the current crop of graphics cards. This would result in a much stronger bump in performance, although still nothing overly significant. Aside from it may just mean faster memory is being used, or any combination of the above.

The last, and we have to think the least likely prospect, is that the Radeon RX 500X series could even be based on a cut-down Vega architecture.

For now, we just don’t know, but after the launch of the 500 Series just under a year, AMD is no doubt looking to get something to market in order to improve on its current crop of GPUs. Odds are it’s going to be a minor improvement but we’re certainly open to surprise.

What are you expecting from the Radeon RX 500X series? Simple blunder or brand new cards set to be announced soon? Let us know what you think!