If PUBG’s been feeling a little slow ever since you got that Fortnite itch, the latest special event may have you covered. The War Event Mode is now live in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, adding in a 30-player team deathmatch mode with multiple respawns. To the best of my knowledge, it’s PUBG’s first foray into a game mode which isn’t battle royale, evidently in the aim of keeping players engaged while its main mode faces some stiff competition.

The rules of PUBG’s War Mode are pretty simple. It takes place on a small section of the Erangel map. The safe zone doesn’t shrink so it’s a fixed size throughout an entire match. Each game has three teams of 10 players, and the objective is to kill the opposing teams’ players. If you die, you reappear in a plane and you can parachute in again, equipped with one random AR or DMR, a pistol, level one helmet, vest, and one grenade. There’s more loot to be found in the map, as well as care package drops every 90 seconds.

The winning team is whichever gets to 200 points first, or has the most points once the 15-minute timer is up. Players are awarded 3 points for a kill, 1 point for a DBNO (down but not out), and 1 point for a revive, while the team list 5 points for team kill/team DBNO.

If you want to get involved then you’ll have to be fairly quick. PUBG’s War Mode is live now and runs through until 7pm PT on Sunday, April 15th, or 3am BST on Monday, April 16th here in the UK.