The most recently updated version of Tekken 7 is suffering frame rate drops on PC while using certain moves, such as Akuma’s ‘Shakunetsu Hadouken’. However, Tekken 7 director, Katsuhiro Harada, has said this isn’t an issue with graphics or CPU processing, placing the blame squarely on “problem with encryption program.”

Taking to Twitter, Harada said “Problem occurred in "TEKKEN7 for PC". that the frame rate drops when hits such as Akuma's "Shakunetsu Hadouken". Since it's not a problem of graphics & CPU processing, it will not solve even if changing PC setting (problem with encryption program). We'll fix Soon. Sorry Plz wait.”

When asked by a fan what exactly the encryption program is doing, Harada said “Anti-tamper 3rd party middleware. It’s live updating programs and I heard “it’s fix soon” from them. We will check it and update.” As Tekken 7 uses Denuvo, it seems abundantly clear he’s referring to the controversial anti-tamper DRM.

What’s unusual in this scenario is that it may not simply be a clear-cut case of Denuvo making performance worse. At launch, Tekken 7 ran just fine on PC with Denuvo integrated. The issue here seems to stem from Bandai Namco and Denuvo updating their programs simultaneously, introducing unexpected performance issues.

“Game is keep updating and also anti-tamper program is keep updating,” says Harada. “Cracking the old version doesn’t make much sense, About the same as you say "Anti-Tamper is meaningless". Anyway, I don’t care pirates/copy. it’s just for Other company's rights.”

While there’s fairly decent evidence that, if implemented correctly, there is little to no performance impact while using Denuvo. However, Denuvo updates could certainly prove problematic if they’re rolled out to games without thoroughly testing compatibility. In this instance we have a perfect storm of DRM and game updates at the same time, introducing a performance flaw. It's the first instance we know of where the performance of a game has actually become worse after launch thanks to changes to the DRM.

At this point, should Bandai Namco be thinking about just removing Denuvo?

Source: Twitter