It’s rumour time, and now it’s the altogether unsurprising tidbit that a top-secret BioShock game is under development. The rumour comes from Kotaku’s Jason Schreier, who did a feature on Mafia III, its creators, Hangar 13, and the game’s troubled development which ultimately led to a disappointing game.

In the process of interviewing Hangar 13, Schreier  discovered many who helped created Mafia 3 have now moved on to various other developers, including some who “moved to the top-secret studio next door to work on an unannounced new BioShock game.”

The secret project the 2K Games studios is working on is simply codenamed ‘Parkside’, and it sounds as if it’s still very early in development. There’s allegedly just a small team working on it for now, with publisher 2K keen not to overstaff at this early stage and run into trouble. Lots of Hangar 13 employees tried to move next door and join the new studio, although its small size meant there wasn’t enough room for everyone, at least until they have a clear idea of what core ideas for ‘Parkside’ are.

"If anyone from Hangar 13 tried to strike up a conversation with them, they'd say, 'Oh, we can't really talk about it," one source told Kotaku. "It was all very tight-lipped."

2K Games are owned by Take-Two Interactive, and they’ve made it abundantly clear over the years that BioShock is here to stay, despite the original studio, Irrational Games, downsizing and rebranding as Ghost Story Games in order to work on new, original titles. This includes the series’ original director, Ken Levine, who presumably won’t have anything to do with this rumoured BioShock 4.

We’ll have to wait and see on this, and it may be a while until we actually hear anything official from Take-Two. In the meantime, how about that Borderlands 3 announcement, eh?