Quite a curious thing has just popped up on the interwebs. It looks as if Intel may be preparing to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Intel 8086, its first ever x86 processor, with the launch of a 40th Anniversary Intel Core i7-8086K special edition CPU.

The Intel 8086 was a bit before my time, but it turns 40 in June and Intel looks to have something special in the pipeline to celebrate this fact.

An alleged image of the i7-8086K CPU has leaked, along with the specs for what could be an extremely capable processor. It’s built on the 14nm Coffee Lake-S architecture and has 6 cores / 12 Threads, with a base clock of 4.0GHz and a boost clock of 5.1GHz. As the ‘K’ suffix lets us know, the Core i7-8086K is also unlocked for overclocking.

It also has a 12MB L3 cache, onboard Intel UHD630 graphics, and a 95W TDP. It uses the standard Coffee Lake LGA 1551 socket.

Specs-wise, the Core i7-8086K is almost identical to the current gaming champion, the Intel Core i7-8700K, albeit with higher clock speeds. 4.0Ghz/5.1GHz vs 3.7GHz/4.7GHz. This would make for an absolutely formidable gaming processor, assuming the pricing isn't just off the charts.

And how does that stand up to the classic Intel 8086 introduced in 1978?

The original had a mighty 4.77MHz processor speed and 29,000 transistors, retailing for $360, the equivalent of $1,377 today when accounting inflation.

While Intel has yet to officially confirm the Intel Core i7-8086K, the new special edition CPU is rumoured to be launching in June, exactly 40 years after Intel’s 8086 first entered the world, kicking and screaming.

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"Does the 8086 stand for temperature in C when it runs at 5.1 GHz with that mayonaise between the die and the heatspreader?"
Miha99 -
"and it will have a price tag of $8086.00"
"How about celebrating by reducing the prices?"
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