ASUS has announced ‘AREZ’, the first of its new AMD Radeon-focused gaming graphics cards. The new range has been announced in response to Nvidia’s GeForce Partner Program, which restricts GeForce graphics cards from being marketed under the same branding as AMD cards.

The ASUS AREZ GPUs have been created as a loophole to get around Nvidia’s restrictions, and will effectively form a new sub-brand for ASUS going forward. They’re the first AIB partner to announce a new branding range since Nvidia announced its controversial initiative. The name stems from ‘Ares’, the Greek god of war, with a ‘Z’ thrown in there for that full gamer effect.

“AREZ-branded GPUs underlines the strong working partnership between ASUS and AMD that spans decades”, said Asus in a statement.

As a result of this change, all of ASUS’ current Republic of Gamers (ROG) graphics cards will now be Nvidia GeForce GPUs only, while the current ASUS ROG range of Radeon graphics cards will be branded as ASUS AREZ. Listed below are all the AREX rebrands that will be arriving in May 2018. Don’t expect any hardware changes whatsoever, this is just a straightforward rebrand to get around Nvidia’s aggressive rules. They'll have the exact same feature set we've come to know from ASUS graphics cards, including GPU Tweak II, FanConnect II, and other bits and bobs like MaxContact

The news comes as AMD shared its own statement on the freedom of the choice inherent to PC gaming, with one or two barbed comments aimed Nvidia’s way. You can read all about that here.

In the grand scheme of things, this may not actually mean a great deal for ASUS and AMD, but it's certainly done harm to the outward appearance of Nvidia, who've come out of all this looking a little spiteful.

With ASUS out the way, we expect other AIB partners are going to follow suit soon. It's just a matter of getting their branding sorted and the graphics cards ready, before hitting store shelves.

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"around 90%+ users , you would be surprised how many people chose something due to the name and looks , i once saw in an IT shop some guy asking if a GTX 960 was stronger than an RX 480 since it had a Gaming in the name and a higher number ( 960 > 480 )"
"lolNvidia: Hey, you can't use ROG for AMD stuff.Asus: mkaycomes up with cooler name for AMD stuffNvidia: >.>Asus: :|"