The free map focuses on the second Battle of the Marne, near Paris and was recreated and called Rupture in Battlefield 1's first world war FPS. Dice are now offering it up for free, to help maintain interest in BF1. You know how on remembrance day we wear poppies, well Rupture is perhaps best characterised for its sweeping poppyfields, where a river meanders through these blood red fields and poppies grow over the wrecks of armoured vehicles.

Rupture is now a free download for all players of Battlefield 1. Where you will not have to pay for any of the BF1's downloadable content to gain access to this free map. Up until today you would normally have had to pay for the "They Shall Not Pass" DLC to gain access to the Rupture map.

Dice also go on to say that in May there will be more French based content inbound "Coming in May, you’ll get to play on more maps with the hardened veterans of the French army making in a stand in a brutal defense of their homeland."

Dice also say they will continue with Battlefield 1 updates until June 2018. So there will be a few months left of Battlefield 1 content. One BF1 new game mode being talked about is called Shock Operations. Where the player will be part of a 40 player battle that concentrates on attacking and defending "sectors" within a single match. This is for those people that enjoyed the "Operations Mode", which played over a few maps, but dont have time for participating in the multi map Operations Mode campaign. So instead, taking the popular Operations Mode gameplay and condensing it into just one map.