Research analyst firm Jon Peddie Research has announced the latest results in its annual study into gaming GPUs, once again finding that the majority of gamers in the world are using AMD graphics cards.

If your brow is currently arched higher than The Rock's when he read the Rampage reviews, there are some major caveats to that statement. First and foremost, this result is inclusive of both PC graphics cards and consoles. Every single PlayStation 4 and Xbox One sold comes with a Radeon GPU, while the Nintendo Switch comes with a custom Nvidia chip.

A grand total of 66 million AMD GPUs are actively used by gamers, comprising 53% of the global market share. Nvidia comes in second place with 31% of the market share, while Intel brings up the rear with the remaining 16%. Of course Intel integrated CPUs are the most widely owned in the world, but Jon Peddie is using estimates for the number of Intel iGPUs actively used for gaming.

While this is a display of dominance from AMD, this is a 3% drop from the 56% market share achieved last year. This is due to the immense success of the Nintendo Switch in the year since its launch, boosting Nvidia’s position.

If we were to look at PC gaming only then it paints a very different picture. Nvidia GPUs currently outsell AMD Radeon by a rate of 4:1. The money to be made in PC gaming hardware is also huge compared to the comparatively budget-priced consoles. An estimated $5.56 billion was spent on consoles in 2017. This sounds impressive, until you realise this figure is absolutely dwarfed by the $33.5 billion spent on PC gaming hardware. Roughly five times more is spent on PC gaming hardware than on consoles.

Looking forward, Jon Peddie anticipates that Nvidia will continue to gobble away at AMD’s market share over the next 12 months. Not only does Nvidia have a new range of graphics cards ready to drop any month now, but Nintendo estimates it will sell 30 million Switch consoles  during 2018 alone.

Source: Jon Peddie Research

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