Right now, the Fortnite servers are just coming back up and approximately 60 million people are frantically trying to find out what’s going to happen when Season 4 drops. A meteorite has been hanging ominously in the sky throughout Season 3, culminating in meteors dropping onto the map over the last week. Now though, it’s time for impact, and Fortnite Season 4 promises to herald a drastic terraforming of the current map.

According to the preview patch notes which have dropped on mobile, the comet has caused a huge crate to appear in Fortnite, offering several new locations to explore and changing the entire map in different ways.

Dusty Depot is no more, replaced by Dusty Divot; absolutely devasted by the impact of the meteor. At the crater itself, there will be glowing rocks on the ground. These can be consumed by players in order to lift off with low gravity effects which last for a few seconds. There are literally hundreds of them scattered around so Dusty Divot could become quite the focal point. Up top, there's also a new location above Wailing Woods known as Risky Reels.

There are already four tiers of challenges to take on for players who've got the Battle Pass for the new season. These also now offer cosmetic unlocks such as complete new gear sets, as well as the usual tier boosts and experience. Sadly there are no Mars Attacks skins in there or I would flip.

Ah yes, and that new cinematic trailer. The meteor has hit and there appears to be a retro sci-fi style alien invasion, with Epic promising “The world will never be the same. Brace for impact.”

I have to say these sort of loosely narrative themed game and map updates are pretty near, turning new seasons of Fortnite into a bit of a special event. My Epic client is currently updating and it appears as if Fortnite Season 4 is now live. The download is horrendously slow though, no doubt as millions clamor to grab it at the same time.