A representative from Gigabyte’s UK PR team has confirmed that Nvidia’s next-generation mobile graphics cards are scheduled to launch later this year. The rumour mill is in full swing in regards to Nvidia’s desktop chips, but this is the first slice of info we’ve had on Nvidia’s laptop gaming plans.

Nvidia’s next-gen GPU is rumoured to be codenamed Turing, and the desktop range is expected to launch this summer, with a July date mooted. Laptop gamers won’t have long to wait for their mobility solutions though, and we can expect to see gaming laptops with Turing GPUs within the next seven or so months.

Over on the Overclockers UK forums, a user inquired as to whether it’s worth picking up a gaming laptop now or if there were new designs arriving within the next couple of months. Atom80, a Gigabyte rep, confirmed “the range coming in now will be stable and not having any additional refreshes until the next gen of GPUs is announced. Currently scheduled towards the end of the year.”

While it’s not much to go on, for now, it does at least intimate we can also expect the desktop Turing series very soon indeed. There’s usually a good few months lag between the first desktop GPUs and the arrival of the mobile chips, so those July launch rumours seem bang on the money.

At the moment it’s unknown what naming scheme Nvidia is going for with its next-gen GPUs, although it will reportedly either be the GeForce GTX 1100 Series of the GeForce GTX 2000 Series. We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for more news, although it can’t be long until we hear something a little firmer.

Source: OCUK