They've been incessantly teased for weeks, but Ubisoft has finally revealed the unique skills available to Rainbow Six Siege's Operation Para Bellum Operators. Alibi and Maestro will be joining Siege as part of the Italian CTU. They're both defensive Operators, evening out the teams with 20 Operators apiece. 


We'll start with Alibi, who's pretty much exactly what we'd guessed from the leaks. Her signature gadget is a Prisma. This device is thrown on the floor and allows Alibi to create a holographic replica of herself. She has three Prismas that she can use, and can also pick them up and place them somewhere else.

When an Attacker shoots a Prisma decoy, it marks the attackers location on the HUD for five timed pings, much like Jackal's footprint tracking. The decoys can be destroyed by shooting or hitting out the base of the device without alerting Alibi to your presence.

In order to rein her ability in somewhat, the Alibi decoys all use the same legs apart, and SMG aimed straight ahead stance. This may be obvious in certain circumstances, but she's likely to excel when placed around corners or behind windows; moments where an Attacker will instinctively fire rather than assess the situation. It's also easy to picture her potency in a 1v1 situation with the clock ticking down. She can thrown out three decoy versions of herself, providing a massive advantage in the closing seconds of a match.

The decoys also wear the same default Alibi skin, regardless of what skin the player has equipped. Unlike other Operators then, it may pay not to change Alibi's skin so she blends in with her decoys. 


Maestro is all about intel gathering. He has two Evil Eye cameras that can be affixed to walls or floors. They can provide greater vision over a contested area, can see through smoke, and they are also bulletproof. The only way to destroy Evil Eyes is with explosives or a hit from Sledge's hammer. A Thatcher grenade will merely temporarily disable the camera.

The only other weakness to the Evil Eyes is that Maestro can remotely use them for Twitch-style electric shocks that do 5HP damage. Using the Evil Eyes as a turret requires the protect shield to be lifted, however, leaving them vulnerable to bullet damage. Just a single bullet will destoy an Evil Eye in this state.

Just to add to Maestro's defensive capabilities, he becomes the first Defender to come equipped with an LMG. The ALDA 5.52 carries 80 rounds per belt, and can also be outfitted with an ACOG sight. This lends a greater deal of firepower than we've ever seen from a Defender, and could make Maestro a fantastic anchor at bomb sites.

As for the new Villa map coming as part of Season 2, it's an impressive beast. Villa is a large three-storey house with plenty of destructible walls, ceilings, and floors, offering both close-quarters play and the ability to blow open long sightlines that could be advantageous to both Attackers and Defenders.

Villa features four bomb sites and is a map designed from the groun up for Bomb Defusal eSports play. There will be ample room for rotation, plenty of routes to choose from, and a great number of destructible surfaces. In a first, all objective sites will now have a buffer room between the objective and the exterior. There will be no direct access to any of the sites from outside, preventing Attackers from blowing a wall or window and simply picking off the Defenders.

I have to say, one of the neatest new additions, though, is going to be ability to queue exclusively for the Villa map in casual play for four weeks. This allows players to get hands-on with the map for hours on end, rather than hoping it crops up in the ever-expanding roster of maps. It should make it much easier to learn what is assuredly a complex new map, and it sounds as if this could be standard procedure from here onwards.

Operation Para Bellum goes live on the test servers tomorrow, May 22nd, before a full rollout at some point in June.

Original Story: 08-May-2018 - Ubisoft Reveals Rainbow 6 Siege Parabellum - New Italian Map, Operators, Pick and Ban System

Ubisoft has revealed Rainbow Six Siege Year 3 Season - Operation Para Bellum. New Italian Operators are the order of the day here, as well as a brand spanking new map that looks to be set in a rural Italian farmhouse.

Thanks to my extensive Latin Google knowledge, I can sensationally reveal that parabellum means ‘prepare for war’, which sounds appropriate enough. There should be plenty of new tools of war at players’ disposal here as well. The two new Italian Operators are Maestro and Alibi, both defensive characters that will specialise in intel-based gadgets.

Recent leaks have heavily suggested Maestro will have a remote-operated gun turret, providing not only an additional camera angle but also able to fire on enemy players. Alibi takes a slightly different tack, offering the ability to place hologram decoy characters. If the rumours are true, if these holograms are shot they’ll briefly identify the location of the attacking player.

The new map will be the first new map in six months, with Ubisoft claiming this will be its “most competitive map to date.” They’ve had a long time to work on this one, and the expectation with fewer new map releases is that the bar of quality will be raised to make up for the shortfall. With House now left dying out in the cold, it could be the case that Operation Para Bellum fills the void with a larger house that provides more tactical opportunities.

The other major change for Year 3 is that Ubisoft has done away with the Mid Season Reinforcements updates. As such Operation Para Bellum is going to ring in some major gameplay changes. There’s going to be all sorts of Operators buffs and nerfs, the inclusion of a bulletproof camera gadget, and a buff to Clubhouse that adds a connecting corridor between Bedroom and Cash Room, as well as changes to Bar. This is the most sweeping change Ubisoft has made to a map yet, all in an effort to balance bomb location picks for defensive teams.

Drop shotting is thankfully finally being tackled. Up until now, players could go prone while aiming down sights and suffer no penalty to accuracy. In 1v1 situations, it means the drop shotter nearly always wins. With Operation Para Bellum, players will be forced out of ADS while going prone until they hit the floor. They’ll still be able to fire during the movement, however, it will be standard hip fire accuracy.

Last, but by no means least, the Pick and Ban system is coming into play. For now, this is only playable in Pro League and Custom Games. Each team can vote to ban one Attacking and one Defending Operator from being picked by the other team.

The order for this is: Defending team bans one attack operator, the attacking team bans one attacking operator, the attacking team bans one defender operator, and finally the defending team bans one defender operator. Just to add a little more complexity, the team compositions for both teams are then revealed to all players. Each team can then secretly change one choice of Operator to counter the enemy team’s composition. In Pro League, the matches will now have the same team attacking for five rounds in a row before switching and defending for five rounds in a row.

A full reveal of Operation Para Bellum is happening during the Rainbow Six Siege Pro League Finals which are set to take place over the weekend of May 19-20.

What do you make of all of the changes? Do you think the Pick & Ban and 10-round system will make the eSports showcase a more enjoyable watch? Let us know what you think of the tweaks and changes below!