In amongst the full-time job of counting all its Fortnite cash, Epic Games has posted a new video recommending that all developers with Unreal Engine 4 begin using Nvidia’s RTX real-time ray tracing technology.

Originally revealed at GDC 2018, Nvidia RTX offers the most incredibly lifelike lighting solution yet, as demonstrated by Epic’s Star Wars tech demo. Nvidia RTX is exclusive to Volta GPUs, with Epic claiming the technology is highly scalable going forward, which should prove helpful in getting the tech up and running on a wider range of PCs.

At the moment, Nvidia RTX is exclusive to DirectX 12, although Epic has now claimed that Nvidia is looking at potentially bringing RTX to the Vulkan graphics API from Khronos Group. Vulkan is receiving increasing support in recent times, from both gaming and development points of view.

Nvidia is working on a new Ray Tracing extension for Vulkan API that’s currently known as VK_NV_raytracing. Snappy. Nvidia’s first challenge won’t just be getting ray tracing officially supported in Vulkan; it’s also got to get it looking as similar as possible to the current DX12 version.

On top of all this, Epic is keen to get as many developers as possible using Nvidia RTX within Unreal Engine 4. That’s a tough ask when hardware support is so limited at this stage, but Epic warns that ray tracing may be the only supported solution within as little as a decade.

Exciting times ahead for graphics porn fans then. To the best of our knowledge, Metro Exodus is the only game with official Nvidia RTX support confirmed, but we’re expecting plenty more to follow suit shortly.