It's official, the new Battlefield game from DICE is going to be called Battlefield V, and the official unveiling is set to take place next Wednesday, May 23rd.

South African comedian Trevor Noah will be hosting the live Battlefield reveal next week, beaming out the premiere of the first trailer:

#ad The rumors are true (rumors that I started, but still...) I will be hosting the @Battlefield Live Reveal on Wed, May 23rd. Catch it streaming live on the #Battlefield YouTube. V EXCITING!

— Trevor Noah (@Trevornoah) May 16, 2018

Neither DICE nor EA has officially confirmed the name of the new Battlefield game, Noah's "V EXCITING" sign-off pretty much puts that to bed. Randy Evans, senior video and media director at DICE, also tweeted out "May 23rd. You better V there! #Battlefield".

Details on the new Battlefield are still thin on the ground. We know that it'll feature a full single-player campaign, while rumours point towards this latest outing taking us back to World War 2. We'll bring you the first official news on Battlefield V's theme just as soon as we hear it.

Original Story: 10-May-2018 - Battlefield Sleuths Discover Battlefield 5's Official Reveal Date

There’s a band of Battlefield 1 sleuths that really won’t leave any stone unturned. In fact, there’s a Battlefield 1 Easter Egg Discord dedicated purely to the discovery of Easter Eggs within DICE’s multiplayer shooter. One such mystery has remained unsolved for a full year, but it’s secrets have finally been cracked and the official reveal date for Battlefield 5 has been discovered.

It all came from the DLC Fort de Vaux map that came with the They Shall Not Pass expansion last year. Inside the fortress, there’s a locked bunker marked with the word “Isolement”. DICE recently patched Battlefield 1 and added a network of valves, buttons, and posters throughout the level. Pushing these buttons in a specific order so it spells ‘Isolement’ opened the door at long last, revealing a deserted room with a dripping ceiling pipe.

Incredibly, these intrepid myth busters didn’t give up there. They realised that the water dripping from the pipe was actually in Morse code, revealing the message “”. Amazing stuff.

So, with the URL now in hand, it leads to a fairly barebones website with the Battlefield hashtag and, tantalisingly enough, a May 23rd, 2018 date.

Click the Twitter share button and a message pops up saying “On May 23, Battlefield will never be the same.” Put two and two together and it seems highly likely Battlefield V is going to be announced in just under a fortnight’s time, on Wednesday, May 23rd.

Much kudos to all of the players who helped achieve this discovery, including Westie, who put the video above together. Remarkable work. Now the countdown is on. Yesterday, EA CEO Andrew Wilson teased the next Battlefield game will bring “combat to life in new and unexpected ways”. Now we’re just itching to find out how.