In amongst all the weird vagina-headed demon men, the upcoming Agony has some semblance of a story. It’s all revealed in a new ‘story’ trailer, which appears to be about the player finding a way back to the land of the living. Really though, it’s another excuse to show a blood-soaked naked woman throwing a strange little fetus manbaby into a gobbly Sarlacc pit.

In Agony, players will be able to possess some of the demons in their path in order to solve puzzles and navigate the environment. You’ve lost all your memories though, so there’ll be a lot of trotting about and wondering just what it is you did to get in this sorry mess. Leaving Hell isn’t easy though, and the only way to have a hope of getting out is a meeting with the Red Goddess herself.

I’m in two minds as to whether I even want to play this. Fun seems to be in short demand as it’s obviously not what Agony is going for, but the counterpoint means it needs to have an engaging narrative and/or a terrifying atmosphere in order to make this particular Hell a place worth visiting.

It looks mighty grim but, believe it or not, developer Madmind Studio has actually had to tone the violence somewhat in order not to be met with the dreaded banhammer on consoles. Don’t worry though, PC sickos, there’ll be an optional patch for the Steam version that adds in all of the content otherwise deemed too perverted for our console brethren.

Agony is out on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on May 29th. The system requirements for Agony are now out in the wild and you can see for yourself how your PC should handle it over on the Agony game page.

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