Nvidia has been busy teasing its presence at both GTC (GPU Technology Conference) Taiwan and Computex 2018. The leading graphics card provider in the world promises that attendees will witness the ultimate gaming experiences, raising the possibility of a reveal of its much anticipated GeForce GTX 11 (or 20xx) series graphics cards.

Nvidia’s advertisements for the events on its official site says "Utilizing GPU computing to explore the world's infinite possibilities - witness the power of artificial intelligence and the ultimate gaming experience in GTC Taiwan and Computex 2018".

GTC Taiwan takes place on May 30-31st, while Computex 2018 in Taipei will run from June 5th through to June 9th.

Nvidia's next-generation graphics cards are rumoured to be launching in July, so these events may be a little early for a full reveal. Fans may want to keep their expectations in check, although we should hear plenty from Team Green at these events, even if they ultimately don’t up end up mentioning their next-gen GPUs.

Fingers crossed we do though. It’s now been over two years since a new graphics card generation, and I’m sure fans are now itching for an upgrade. Let’s just hope the waits been worthwhile and we get a noticeable generational leap in performance.