This week I found myself quietly musing what game announcements at E3 2018 would get me genuinely excited. To be honest, it was quite difficult. Just about every modern game series I’ve wanted a sequel to has, well, already got a sequel, or several too many. My natural inclination is always to new IPs, rather than Gears of War 5 and Watch Dogs 3. I’ll make a special exception for Shenmue III because boy has Sega made me wait for that one.

Anyway, as I got to thinking of my dream sequels, I realised it was the older, forgotten games that I was missing. Some of the PC gaming greats from the 90’s that have drifted out of favour, or been forgotten entirely. It was a strange time back then, and even AAA development of the era was bursting full of creative ideas and risk-taking. Some worked, plenty more didn’t, but there were some truly swashbuckling games out there.

I won’t bore you with my desire for a Wave Race sequel, but there are two PC classics, in particular, that I’d love to see make a return.

First up is Little Big Adventure. Hot damn were these games weird. These were sort of 3D-yet-isometric action adventure games with puzzle-solving and the ability to switch between different behaviours to adapt to combat, puzzle solving, or adventuring. They were both pseudo open-world, with areas locked behind puzzles that you’d need to learn how to solve. Crucially though, the atmosphere in Little Big Adventure is totally unique. It’s absolutely weird and alien feeling, and Little Big Adventure 3 being announced at E3 2018 would be a dream come true.

The second one really breaks my heart though. Anyone heard of No One Lives Forever? What a series. They were sort of hammy 60’s spy-themed first-person shooters with a heavy emphasis on stealth and using gadgets. Get spotted and you’d need to think fast or you’d be gunned down before you can throw a lipstick bomb. Each level was a little puzzle box that forced the player to be inventive, and no pint did Cate Archer just become a mindless killing machine. Both No One Lives Forever games were actually produced by Shadow of Mordor developer Monolith, although it seems unlikely they’ll be revisiting the series. It’s a crying shame really, as aside from Bethesda’s immersive sims, there are precious few FPS games even attempting to be playful with the genre. Saddest of all though, due to complications over the IP rights, the NOLF series has never even been re-released digitally. You’re gone Cate, but not forgotten. If you have the means to, er, track it down, I wholeheartedly recommend doing so.

They’re the two biggies for me, but there are all sorts of forgotten game series that I’d love to see brought back from the dead. Black & White 3 would be insane, but the age where EA would take a punt on that is long gone.

Enough about my choices though, which forgotten game series would you like to see make a comeback? Did any of favourite games inexplicably never have a sequel? Let us know below!