Seldom a month seems to go by without Nvidia yet again smashing its own records in terms of financial success. The fightback against Nvidia’s GeForce Partner Program seems to have done absolutely nothing to dent Team Green’s unstoppable success. The GPU manufacturer managed to increase its revenue a staggering 66% year on year for the Q1 2019 fiscal period.

Nvidia’s total quarterly revenue was $3.21 billion, bringing in an operating profit of $1.3 billion. That’s an increase of 134% over the profit achieved in the same period last year, without any major new gaming graphics cards hitting the market.

"We had a strong quarter with growth across every platform," said Jensen Huang, founder and CEO of Nvidia. "Our data centre business achieved another record and gaming remained strong.

“At the heart of our opportunity is the incredible growth of computing demand of AI, just as traditional computing has slowed. The GPU computing approach we have pioneered is ideal for filling this vacuum. And our invention of the Tensor Core GPU has further enhanced our strong position to power the AI era.”

Breaking down the revenue, gaming is still responsible for the lion’s share of Nvidia’s income. Of the $3.2 billion, $1.72 billion came from gaming graphics cards, a growth of 68%. This has been attributed to "higher value platforms in the GPU segment", meaning more high-end graphics cards have been sold.

A further $701m came from data centre revenue, while the remainder was split between automotive revenue and professional visualisation. Despite Nvidia’s huge focus on it at live events, automotive revenue is still comparatively small at $145 million, although we expect this figure to boom in the years to come.

The results are mightily impressive for Nvidia, whose value has exponentially increased over the last three or four years. That they’ve done it without even releasing new hardware is kind of amazing, and their market cap of $157.91 billion is now more than 13x greater than AMD. At the current rate, give it a year or two and Nvidia could even become worth more than the mighty Intel, which currently sits at a value of $256.21 billion.

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"does anyone notice the coincidence of inflated gpu prices due to gpu mining and NVidia making record profits? yeah they may of sold more gpus due to mining but I feel they also inflated the prices themselves even moreso to increase profits and put blame on miners meanwhile it could of easily been..."