When Sony revealed its E3 2018 lineup, there was one curious absence from its plans - Days Gone. Upon thinking upon it some more though, it’s simply because Sony will have nothing left to say. Days Gone has been a star of the show at E3 for the last two years and has already been shown extensively. As well as this, the GameStop-owned Game Informer has also been given a look at the entire first hour of Days Gone ahead of its 2019 launch.

GI has shared the footage of the first hour online, showing the initial story setup and the first tentative steps out of the comparatively safe Copeland encampment and out into the wider, zombie-infested world.

Days Gone looks like a fairly safe who’s who of open-world mechanics, albeit layered over with those eye-catching zombie hordes that can swarm the player in a matter of moments if you’re not careful. There promise to be hundreds of places to explore, a deep upgrade system (primarily for the motorbike), and infested nesting zones that need to be destroyed in order to unlock fast travel areas.

Other little details we’ve managed to glean about Days Gone include the ability to execute a Road Rash-style melee attack from on the motorbike, the ability to upgrade weapons, pretty much every single building is enterable, a quest system, a branching storyline depending upon player choice, and plenty of survival-lite elements. Clearing out encampments of enemy humans will obviously eliminate their threat, but it’ll also increase the spawn rate of zombies as there’s no one there to pick them off.

It’s very difficult to gauge Days Gone’s quality at this early stage, it could really go either way, but the game’s creative director John Garvin has promised it’s “not like any zombie game you’ve ever played.” One thing’s for sure: there’s going to be plenty of content for fans to sink their teeth into. The core story is going to take around 30 hours to complete, while there’ll also be plenty of side content for those who love ticking off those open-world checklists, myself included.

Days Gone is coming to PlayStation 4 in early 2019.