In a bombshell announced, Bethesda has officially unveiled Rage 2. Well knock me sideways, I am flabbergasted. How did they keep this under wraps?  

But anyway, they've also released the first proper trailer for Rage 2, which is around three times longer than that leaked footage. It's much the same, in truth, but it gives us a decent idea of where Bethesda's shooting for with this one.

"Dive headfirst into a dystopian world devoid of society, law, and order," says Bethesda. "RAGE 2 brings together a true open world FPS experience where you can go anywhere, shoot anything, and explode everything."

If that's not enough, and let's face it, it isn't, a full gameplay reveal of Rage 2 is going to be taking place tomorrow, May 15th. I do love a good game revealed.

The one big question mark that's been hanging over Rage 2 is, who's developing it? The original was, of course, developed by id Software. However, Doom only released two years ago, and we've also seen significant hints that id Software is currently working on Doom 2. Two years would certainly be a short turnaround in this day and age, although it's not totally unfeasible.

Bethesda's official website has now confirmed that Avalanche Studios is developing Rage 2. Avalanche's last game was Mad Max, a similarly post-apocalyptic action game. 

We'll hopefully find out all the details tomorrow when Bethesda reveals the world's first gameplay trailer for Rage 2.

Original Story: 14-May-2018 - First Trailer for Rage 2 Leaks

Try as it might, Bethesda just can’t keep a lid on Rage 2. Originally leaked thanks to a listing on Walmart Canada’s online store, Bethesda has attempted to react to this by announcing that the reveal would be taking place later today, roughly a month before it was probably supposed to be unveiled at E3 2018.

To top it all off, the first trailer for Rage 2 has now leaked. It looks as if the development team, which is presumably id Software, is leaning towards a more angsty, ‘attitude’ theme than we saw with the original, bearing more than a passing resemblance to what Gearbox has been shooting for with the Borderlands series. It’s going to be quite the face-off should the rest of the Walmart leak be real - Borderlands 3 was also on the list of announcements at E3 2018.

Sadly, there’s no in-game footage of Rage 2 or now; this trailer is composed pretty much entirely of live-action footage, complete with token Andrew WK backing track, macho weightlifting while wielding a gun, a beardy man having a real good time, bad dental health, and, get this, a lady making an obscene gesture using shotgun shells. What will they think of next?

The official reveal of Rage 2 is due to take place later today. Hopefully, this teaser trailer isn’t all we’re getting. We’d love some juicy gameplay details and perhaps a few in-game screenshots, but considering Bethesda’s hand has been forced on this one, it may just not be ready yet.

Lay it on us then, what are your initial thoughts on the direction Rage 2 is going?

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