PlatinumGames’ head designer Hideki Kamiya has teased that the studio’s next top-secret title will “turn the action genre on its head.” From the studio behind the mighty Nier Automata, which itself was a genre-bending action and narrative experience, that’s quite the claim.

Kamiya and fellow Platinum co-founder Atsushi Inaba were taking part in a Bitsummit panel in Kyoto over the weekend, fielding general questions on their studio, which has built up a reputation for creating some of the finest action games around.

Platinum’s upcoming games include Bayonetta 3, which will be a Nintendo Switch exclusive, as well as a number of other, unannounced projects. One of these unannounced titles sounds like it’s going to be something pretty special, with Kamiya intimating it’ll be doing innovative things with the action genre that have never been done before. The project in question is top secret, even with PlatinumGames itself, but it’ll “turn the action genre on its head.”

Whatever it is, we’re just hopeful it’s not a platform exclusive. PlatinumGames’ titles are usually made with comparatively small budgets compared to AAA titles, necessitating the need to sign publisher and platform deals in order to bring these games to market with the minimum of financial risk.

Sadly, there’s nothing much else to go on with this, although we’d love it if one or two of these unannounced projects could be revealed at E3 2018 next month. Quite what Kamiya means when suggesting it’ll turn the action genre on its head is anybody’s guess, but Platinum has never been one to shy away from crazy ideas.

What are you hoping for next from PlatinumGames? How could the action genre be reinvented? Let us know!