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Legendary tactical strategy guru Julian Gollop has announced that the eagerly anticipated Phoenix Point has been delayed and will now not be ready to launch until 2019.

Phoenix Point was successfully crowdfunded to the tune of $765,000 via Fig, and backers have been busy playing with the first backer build in recent weeks. Having got the alpha into fans’ hands, Gollop has taken the decision to delay Phoenix Point in order to “meet the quality many people expect and to use the full potential of our expanded team.

"I believe we can create a game with high production values that will make a huge splash on launch. In order to achieve this we need to continue to expand the team and maintain our focus on quality”, explained Gollop in a blog post.

"To be honest, this has been a slower process than I wanted, but I felt that we needed the best talent that we could find. I am glad to say that we now have 35 great developers in our Sofia studio, and as a consequence of our recent, excellent exposure we are attracting offers of help from game developers around the world."

New builds of Phoenix Point will continue to be released to backers to every two months, and Snapshot Games welcomes fan feedback to help shape the future of the project.

If you’ve not been keeping an eye on Phoenix Point already, it’s an XCOM spiritual successor from the creator of the original turn-based strategy games. You know the drill by now - there’s an alien menace that’s invading Earth, and it’s down to a band of crack soldiers to use their tactical nouse to outwit its far more numerous foe.

The twist this time is that the alien Pandoravirus can mutate living forms and incorporate DNA from multiple species. As you play Phoenix Point, the alien menace will evolve in response to your tactics through a procedurally generated system. Players won’t be able to rely on a single tactic throughout the duration of a campaign and must adopt multiple play styles to see it through to the end.

Phoenix Point is coming to PC at some point in 2019. There’s no word whatsoever on a console version, making Phoenix Point a rather juicy PC exclusive for now.