Okay, so I definitely wasn’t alone in having doubts about Rage 2, particularly when we knew so little. But, well, Bethesda has just revealed the first gameplay trailer for Rage 2 and it looks pretty fucking awesome.

Rage 2 is a joint collaboration between Avalanche Studios and id Software. Avalanche is bringing its mastery of open-world chaos seen in the Just Cause series, while id Software, creators of DOOM, are bringing that oh-so-delicious first-person-shooter action.

"Born from a collaboration of the Gods of Shooters, id Software, and the Masters of Open World Mayhem, Avalanche Studios, RAGE 2 packs a carnival of carnage so intense it can only come from two legendary AAA studios," says Bethesda. "That’s right, this is a f****ing AAAAAA game."

In Rage 2, an asteroid has destroyed 80% of Earth’s population, leaving the remaining few to roam the dusty roads in bloodthirsty gangs, while the Authority attempts to bring order with its iron fist. Players will assume the role of Walker, the last remaining Ranger of the wastelands; a man robbed and left for dead out in the wilderness. It’s a fairly flimsy excuse for a tale of revenge, madness, and ludicrous action.

In true Rage style, Rage 2 is going to have a massive open world stretching from sun-baked deserts to lush jungles, vehicular combat (including monster trucks and gyrocopters), upgradable weapons, special powers, and an array of madmen, mutants, and monsters. From the trailer, it is absolutely screaming DOOM in terms of FPS mechanics as well. Bethesda hasn’t confirmed the game engine but it almost certainly appears to be idTech 6.

Rage 2 is coming to PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in 2019. If you're that way inclined, we also got the official reveal trailer for Rage 2 yesterday.