Nintendo has revealed a gameplay trailer showing off Mario Tennis Aces’ single-player Adventure Mode, as well as dropping details on a beta test weekend for Switch owners.

In typical Luigi form, Mario’s hapless brother needs rescuing from the nefarious clutches of Wario and Waluigi, the greatest characters in the Mario pantheon. Players will navigate world map taking on boss battles and special challenges, including a Portal-like match against a Boo, an army of Shy-Guys on a train, and a rather angry looking Petey Piranha. Over the course of Mario Tennis Aces’ Adventure Mode, players can unlock new equipment and level-up Mario’s abilities, just like the older Mario Golf RPGs.

First impressions are that this looks very neat indeed, and it’s a promising sign that Nintendo and Camelot are once again taking the single-player side of its sports games seriously again. The last few Mario Tennis games have been horrendously barebones, but it looks as if there are going to plenty of unlockables and the like in Mario Tennis Aces.

As for that beta test, the Mario Tennis Aces Pre-Launch Online Tournament demo kicks off on June 1st at 3pm BST, running through to 11:59pm on June 4th BST. Players will be able to head online against other players in head-to-head matches, as well as take part on a special online challenge tournament. There’ll be four characters to pick from initially (Mario, Bowser, Peach, and Yoshi), while five additional characters can be unlocked through the online tournament. Playing just a single match will also unlock the classic ‘Overalls Mario’ costume for use in the full game when it launches.

Mario Tennis Aces is out on June 22nd for Nintendo Switch.