Borderlands 3 Won't Be at E3 2018 Says Gearbox Rep, But Randy Pitchford May Think Overwise

Written by Neil Soutter on Wed, May 16, 2018 2:15 PM
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Despite last week’s Walmart leak suggesting a Borderlands 3 announcement was imminent, Gearbox has confirmed that Borderlands 3 will not be shown at E3 2018 in any form.

The news was broken by a Gearbox representative to an assembled throng of games journalists. Bar Gearbox performing a rather impressive bait-and-switch, Rage 2 will be hogging the limelight in terms of post-apocalyptic playgrounds at E3 2018. I wouldn’t go getting your hopes up though.

Despite the Borderlands 3 no-show, Gearbox Software says it will have other games to show at E3 next month. Considering that the Walmart Canada leak did also reveal the existence of Rage 2, however, it would appear that an official Borderlands 3 announcement is inbound, but perhaps Gearbox is choosing to wait until E3 has blown over.

Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford has made the situation all the more confusing by weighing in with some cryptic tweets on the situation though, citing magician Todd Robbins in a bizarre monologue about illusions, writing:

“[Todd Robbins] once said (paraphrased), “When I make something vanish (which is a magic trick, and fake), people will swear that it is real. But when I eat a light bulb (which is not magic, and is real) people will swear that it is fake - a trick”.

“The point is that it is kind of a part of our species that we tend to hold on to what we *want* to believe while discounting the truth if it contradicts that - no matter the evidence. It takes a disciplined mind to see reality for what it is.

“For example, I could write it out now precisely and specifically that “Borderlands 3” will not be at E3 and many of you will choose not to believe it. Many of you will find a way to interpret the intent to suit what you want to believe regardless of what is true. In fact, this aspect of human nature is so powerful that it is more likely this thread will increase the volume of the debate rather than diminish it. It feels as if “Borderlands 3” may be destined to be the next Half-Life 3 in that regard.”

Good luck in extracting any meaning from those tweets, but I thought it best you see the entire picture.

Quite what’s going on with Borderlands 3 is anybody’s guess though. Gearbox, and founder Randy Pitchford in particular, have been very vocal about its existence for years now. Having handed off the Pre-Sequel to a separate Gearbox studio in Australia, that suggests that the main Gearbox studio in Texas has been working on Borderlands 3 for the best part of six years. In that time we’ve had the ill-fated Battleborn, the disappointing We Happy Few, the cancellation of Brothers in Arms, and the travesty that was Aliens: Colonial Marines. To say that Gearbox is a studio in need of salvaging its reputation is quite the understatement.

Are we actually any the wiser as to whether Borderlands 3 will be at E3? What do you think Pitchford is banging on about? If you've got any thoughts, please share them in the comments below!

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22:13 May-16-2018

Everybody Wang Chung tonight!!!

18:34 May-16-2018

Gearbox surprise us with We Happy Few at E3!

14:28 May-16-2018

just trying to make the leaks seem false ..and to build curiosity ..


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