If there’s any publisher that doesn’t mess around with the integrity of its single-player experiences, it’s Bethesda, and fortunately, it sounds as if the same holds true for Rage 2. Id Software and Avalanche Studio’s open-world blow-em-up will be totally free of loot boxes.

“We will not have any loot boxes, I can say for sure. We have this novel approach: you buy the game and then you play it,” said Id Software creative director Tim Willits.

It’s a bit of sad state of affairs that we have to praise games when they don’t have loot boxes, but this is the sorry mess we’ve ended up in. Anyway, when Rage 2 was officially revealed earlier this week, Bethesda made it pretty clear that it would be adopting a games as a service approach for the post-apocalyptic shooter, although it sounds as if it won’t be the microtransaction-riddled approach we’ve become used to.

While there is an argument that loot boxes can have their place, it’s extremely difficult to justify loot crates in a single-player, $60 game. When Shadow of War came out, Warner Bros and Monolith unbelievably attempted to suggest that loot crates improved the experience, a narrative which they have since backed down from. There’s no possible way loot boxes can’t compromise the integrity of a single-player experience, particularly when they veer away from cosmetic unlocks.

The good news then is that Rage 2, despite being GaaS, won’t be joining in all the loot box controversy. It sounds as if Id Software and Avalanche have a vision for the game and it doesn’t involve trying to extract every last penny out of their fan base.

Rage 2 is due to launch in 2019 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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