It’s taken two years, but No Man’s Sky is finally getting full-blown multiplayer support as part of the free No Man’s Sky NEXT update this summer. There’s going to be actual PvP, aerial dogfighting, shared base-building, races, team-based multiplayer events, and you’ll actually encounter other players exploring the universe. It’s everything we ever wanted from No Man’s Sky in the first place, and Hello Games has got there, by hook or by crook.

The announcement was made during the latest Inside Xbox episode, with Sean Murray on hand to reveal the major overhaul which is set to go live on July 24th alongside the Xbox One release of the open-universe chill-em-up.

Hello Games has been testing the multiplayer feature for the last six months, and they’re pretty confident it transforms No Man’s Sky into a totally different experience. “It's fun, funny, and emergent and kind of intense,” said Murray. Players can pair up together in a team and try to survive, building a base together, or you can be that guy who heads out and preys on other players, taking them down in air or ground combat.

“I think this is the potential that everyone’s always seen in No Man’s sky. It’s the kind of game that myself and a lot of other people have always wanted to play in a multiplayer world, and I’m just really excited to be able to do that,” continued Murray.

Despite that ever-so-controversial launch, Hello Games has been putting out some major updates in the intervening years, adding a huge story campaign, the base-building features, land-based vehicles, and now, multiplayer. It certainly sounds like with the NEXT update, No Man’s Sky is turning into the game that we’d always hoped it would be. Fingers crossed it can live up to its potential when the update arrives on July 24th.