Everyone with even a modicum of taste knows that Battlefield 1942 is the greatest Battlefield of all time, and it seems like Aleksander Grøndal, executive producer at DICE on Battlefield V, agrees.

Following the reveal of Battlefield V, fans have been eager to know. In particular, whether Battlefield V would have any ties to the original BF1942, which was itself set during World War 2.

While the bulk of Battlefield V is focused on the untold stories and lesser-known locations of the WW2, it sounds as if some of the most beloved maps from Battlefield 1942 could be set to make a return.

Over on Twitter, Grøndal was asked by a fan “what are the chances of seeing Omaha Beach and El-Alamein from BF1942?”, to which he not-so-cryptically replied: “Considering my fav BF game is 1942. I´ll leave it at that.”

I know an endless stream of remade Battlefield 1942 maps probably isn’t what everybody wants, it would be awesome to get some of the better maps remade for a new audience. BF1942 had some of the strongest and most unique map designs in the history of the Battlefield series, and it’s enticing to know they may be making a comeback.

In other news, those feeling threatened by the presence of a female on the front cover of Battlefield V can actually get a grizzled man, testicles and all, gracing the cover of their game for an extra $20. The Battlefield V Deluxe Edition comes with an exclusive set of five paratrooper outfits, Special Assignments for the British Air Service and German Fallschirmjäger troops, 20 weekly ‘Airlifts’ containing cosmetic items, and a man on the cover. Now everyone’s happy.

Battlefield V is out on October 19th for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.