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Polish developer The Farm 51 reveals debut trailer for World War 3, a multiplayer first-person shooter coming to PC. World War 3 isn’t to be confused with the now-defunct JoWood’s ill-fated World War III: Black Gold.

World War 3 will be coming exclusively to Steam Early Access in 2018, and it could be of interest to those hoping that Battlefield V could’ve been a sequel to, well, Battlefield 4. WW3 features large-scale combined arms combat in Warzone mode, complete with vehicles and high-tech drones. Depending on the game mode there’s also going to be an emphasis on attack or defense, a little like Siege.

Just in case you thought The Farm 51 was missing a trick here - they haven’t. There’s also a battle royale game type known as Recon. It’s fairly different than the usual formula though and focuses on small reconnaissance squads tasked with capturing high-value military targets.

Combat promises to err on the realistic site, despite World War 3’s announcement trailer demonstrating some obvious bombast. Full ballistics physics will be at play, while the maps themselves will be set in real-world cities like Moscow, Paris, Berlin, and Warsaw.

“We are extremely proud that after all these years of development we can officially present World War 3 to the players all around the world,” exclaimed Kamil Bilczyński, creative director on World War 3. “We believe the game will receive a warm welcome from multiplayer FPS fans and military passionates. We are not slowing down in perfecting the project which we hope to develop together with the community soon enough.” –, Creative Director.

WW3 is due to hit Steam Early Access later this year. It’ll be arriving at a reduced price before creeping up as it gets nearer the proper launch.

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""We are concerned that World War 3 may be replicating the experience for which Battlefield is known" - EAThat quote from PUBG devs fits so damn good here :D"
"I'm so proud of my country. Well, at least till now a much smaller, Polish game dev studio has shown the big guys from EA, how the new BF trailer should be made."