Bugbear Entertainment’s Next Car Game was actually one of the first games I ever wrote about here on GD. They sent me an Early Access code all the way back in January of 2014. Since then it’s undergone a name change to Wreckfest, but the really incredible part is that over four years later, Wreckfest is still in Early Access.

It won’t be like that for long though. Bugbear has announced that Wreckfest will be leaving Early Access and launching on PC on June 14th. That’s a staggering 1,611 days after Next Car Game arrived on Early Access. It would be some kind of record, only DayZ is holding firmly onto that crown for now.

Anyway, Wreckfest is from the original folks behind the Flatout series. Don’t worry, they had nothing to do with the terrible Flatout 4. It’s chaotic, physics-based racing with crunching metal and a penchant for destruction. It’s got all the usual racing goodies like destruction derbies, a career mode, customisable cars, and a whole bunch of wacky challenges like ten-pin bowling.

“When Wreckfest leaves Early Access, players will discover a set of brand new features added to the already-bursting line-up,”  explains Bugbear. “A new Challenge Mode beckons, starring unusual vehicles such as crop harvesters to guarantee crazy races, the likes of which you've never seen before. Wreckfest contestants will also be able to customize their cars with quirky items. Have you ever stared intently at your ride and realised it's missing a crucial component: say, a shark fin? With Wreckfest's full release you can now make that dream come true.”

Wreckfest will be out on June 14th for PC, while the PS4 and Xbox One version will be with us a little later, on November 20th.