Uh oh, rein your graphics card hype in once more. We’ve been hearing that Nvidia is preparing to launch its next-generation graphics cards any month, but Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang has put a major spanner in the works. Taking to the stage during Nvidia’s Computex press briefing, Jensen was asked when the new GeForce GPUs will be ready to launch. “It’s a long time from now,” was his disappointing answer.

As if this weren’t enough, Anandtech’s senior editor, Ian Cutress, spotted that Nvidia’s session at the Hot Chips 30 symposium to talk about “Nvidia’s Next Generation Mainstream GPU” has now been removed from the schedule, and simply says ‘TBD’.

On Twitter, Cutress said “When asked about the NVIDIA talk at Hot Chips going to TBD, I was told to live in the moment. I was also told that I'd be invited when they're ready to talk.”

Up until this point, we’ve heard numerous rumours point towards either July or August release dates for next-gen GeForce GPUs. They’re either expected to be Turing or Volta GPUs, and with the Hot Chips talk the assumption was that the GTX 1170 and GeForce GTX 1180 would be out before August 20th.

Despite Jensen saying these graphics cards won’t be seen “for a long time”, how much stock can we really put in what he’s saying here? Time is all relative, and Nvidia’s primary interest right now is in shifting the graphics cards it’s already got out. Telling users their new GPUs are right around the corner is the antithesis of this and could dry up GeForce graphics card sales. As well as this, by some measures, a late July or August release could be seen as a long way away. For Jensen, it may have been a tactic to deflect questions on the new GPUs while he was trying to promote Nvidia’s other concerns - namely AI and Deep Learning.

Over on TweakTown, they have a different take on things. In fact, Anthony Garreffa has steamed in there with a concrete date. “NVIDIA will be launching their next-gen GeForce GTX 1180 graphics card on July 30.” That’s the word he’s picked up on the floor at Computex 2018, and he seems pretty confident that multiple sources have confirmed this is the date of Nvidia’s next-gen GPU launch.

How much can we read into Jensen’s statements? Can you possibly see Nvidia holding out until after summer, or do you think July 30th is a decent bet?