Just Cause developer Avalanche Studios has announced Generation Zero, an open-world, co-op action game set in 1980's rural Sweden. Hostile robots have taken over the countryside, and players must use guerrilla tactics and sandbox tools to lure, cripple, or destroy enemy machines.

Generation Zero promises to feature a massive open-world with drop in, drop out, co-op play. There’ll also be fully realised weather systems, day/night cycles, and persistent elements. Players will have to use these elements to their advantage in what promises to be a pretty tactical shooter.

"Generation Zero is a true passion project," says Emil Kraftling, game director at Avalanche Studios. "In a sense, it’s an ominous recreation of our childhood fantasies, playing war in the serene forests of 1980’s Sweden. We can’t wait to bring the game’s tense open-world exploration and adrenaline pumping tactical action to players everywhere."

Avalanche has confirmed that Generation Zero will be their first ever self-published title, and it’s allowed the studio to be a little more experimental than it usually would.

"We are calling all the shots but we are also taking all the risks," wrote Kraftling. "Some would probably say that an action game with tactical elements set in rural Sweden is a risk in and of itself, as opposed to, say, making a zombie survival battle royale game or something."

Hopefully, we’ll hear plenty more about Generation Zero once E3 proper gets underway, but Avalanche has confirmed it’ll be coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One at some point in 2019.

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