Just Cause 4
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Just in case you missed the Walmart leak, and the Steam leak, and the Xbox press conference, Square Enix also dedicated a portion of its E3 2018 showcase to the newly announced Just Cause 4. Rico Rodriguez is back in the driving seat again, now with more grapple shots than ever. Cue insane physics-based destruction on an unprecedented scale.

“Just Cause 4 is the most ambitious Just Cause game to date,” says Square Enix. “Everything you loved returns, alongside some massive game-changing features, including extreme weather, enhanced physics and other core gameplay improvements.”

Interestingly, Just Cause 4 throws out the Avalanche Engine that’s been used for the series so far, using the new APEX engine for improved physics; actual working wind that blows things around, crazy weather effects, and revamped visuals.

While there’s a danger of franchise fatigue with Just Cause 4, the improved physics are undeniably impressive. Tornadoes can appear randomly and actually dynamically swirl up cars and buildings in their path, flinging them hundreds of feet way. In a series that thrives on chaos, this sounds like just the sort of injection it needs.

Just Cause 4 is out on December 4th for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.