After a bewildering but kind of amazing intro that called to mind Ubisoft’s E3 conferences of yesteryear, for Just Dance 2019, no less, Ubisoft got stuck into E3 2018 with a rather glorious new cinematic trailer for Beyond Good & Evil 2. It’s really top-tier cinematic stuff, building up the universe that’s set to form of the basis of a space opera.

I won’t spoil the contents until below the video though, so enjoy:

The style Ubisoft's gunning for here is really quite impressive, hitting a grand scale for its tale of space pirates. Plenty of the cast from the original trailer for BG&E2 return (including Pey’j), but it’s the appearance of Jade, main protagonist from the original Beyond Good & Evil, that’s going to set pulses racing. She’s captaining the humongous ship that appears out of the mist and, whisper it, but she might actually be a baddie.

In a slightly strange twist, Ubisoft then proceeded to describe how it is intending to create an entire solar system of content - you. It’s part of the new HitRecord program. Players can collaborate to create art, assets and music that could be used in Beyond Good & Evil 2.

“We want to have players contribute more to our games and have communities creating and contributing together,” Brunier said. “We are going to have the community make assets for the game. We’re going to start with music and images.”

Users who get involved with the project will be compensated for their creations, and multiple members can collaborate on a single piece, improving other people’s work, making tweaks, and generally trying to work together to make the best content available.

That’s it for Beyond Good & Evil 2 for now, but fans can sign up to the Space Monkey program for potential early access as well as to help with the HitRecord shenanigans.