Intel has officially announced that its first discrete GPU will be ready to launch in 2020. Brian Krzanich, Intel CEO, was speaking at an analyst meeting when he broke the news that Intel will be rolling out the first graphics cards, codename Arctic Sound, in around two years time.

By 2020 the graphics card market will be a three-horse race with Intel joining AMD and Nvidia. Team Blue intends to provide graphics chips designed for high-performance computing, gaming, artificial intelligence and data centre usage.

Ex-Radeon guru Raja Koduri is, of course, heading up Intel’s GPU division, although he’s got his work cut out to take Intel from what is effectively a standing start in the graphics card market. Koduri joined Intel last year, giving him three years to oversee the design, taping out, and production of Intel’s dedicated GPU.

From Intel’s perspective, it’s going to be incredibly tough to compete with AMD and Nvidia right away. Unlike AMD though, Intel does have nearly bottomless pockets, so they do certainly have the means to bankroll and brute force a potentially great product.

Mark 2020 in your calendars then. It’s sure to be an absolutely fascinating time for PC gaming when we’ve got an additional force in the market. Nvidia has been dominant for a long time but it’s going to have to keep on its toes now it’s got two threats to fight against. With any luck, it means more aggressive technological advances for us, as well as the obvious benefit of cheaper prices that competition inevitably brings.