I don’t about you but I’m still playing catch-up on the all the E3 2018 news and gameplay footage that I’ve missed. There must be hundreds of hours of gameplay out there from various titles, and anyone with even a passing interest in superheroes is probably keeping a keen eye on Spider-Man, the web-slinging open-world action game from Insomniac.

While Sony showed of Marvel’s Spider-Man extensive during its actual E3 press conference, more gameplay footage has emerged from the show floor. Here we’ve got over 10 minutes of in-game footage demonstrating the open-world elements, Spidey’s nimble locomotion, and how all these elements dovetail into the more cinematic story-based moments.

Getting around is always a tricky prospect in superhero games like this, but Insomniac look as if they’ve got it absolutely nailed down. Spidey can utilise just about every bit of scenario to give himself a speed boost, and it appears as if there’s a dynamic steering effect to prevent collisions with buildings.

Over on the official PlayStation blog, social media manager Justin Massongill said it took him all of five minutes to master movement in Spider-Man, although pulling open the moves list revealed a huge amount of depth beyond the basics.

Spider-Man is coming to PlayStation 4 on September 7th worldwide.