It’s been a big few days for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. They’re having a sale on Steam to celebrate 50 million units sold worldwide across PC and Xbox One, as well as officially launching the new, fast-paced, Sanhok map this Friday. On top of all that though, PUBG Corp has announced a new ‘Event Pass’ progression system for cosmetic rewards.

PUBG’s Event Pass sounds a lot like DOTA 2 and Fortnite’s Battle Passes, offering a means for players to work towards and unlock premium cosmetic content. The Event Pass will drop on June 22nd, the same day as Sanhok arrives.

Just like the competing premium passes, the Event Pass will allow all players to unlock some rewards regardless of whether they buy the Event Pass or not. For those who stump up some cash though, the Event Pass offers a premium track with exclusive reward items that can be unlocked by completing missions to level up the pass. These missions can be completed regardless of whether you have the Event Pass or not, so players can buy the Event Pass late in a season and retroactively unlock all of the rewards they’ve earned.

“This first Event Pass is all about celebrating the launch of Sanhok, so it includes an item set that fits the map Sanhok thematically,” explains PUBG Corp. “The Event Pass will last for about four weeks, and it includes dozens of missions, including daily missions, weekly missions, and Sanhok-specific missions. By completing missions and leveling up, you’ll unlock rewards. These rewards won’t be tradable or marketable, so only those of you who really earn them will get to show them off in-game.

“One more thing: simply by playing and completing missions while they’re available, you’ll be able to unlock one free chance to change your in-game PUBG name.”

As far as these Event Passes go, they’re a reliable way to keep players checking back in regularly for fresh challenges and unlockables. They’re usually a masterclass in doling out small fixes of dopamine and is likely a direct counter to Fortnite’s Battle Pass. Dropping a new event every month is a big ask for fans though, particularly if there’s no in-game way to earn the Battle Pass.

Who’s still chugging along with PUBG? Would you be willing to stump up the cash for a monthly Event Pass? Let us know!