It’s a debate more well-worn than Gandhi's flip flops but a lot’s changed in recent months and years. Nvidia has, well, made a few less-than-popular decisions in terms of consumers and its partners. Anecdotally, it feels as if the events of this year have done Nvidia more harm than good, although there’s a world of difference between consumers voicing on displeasure and actively acting upon that displeasure.

For some, it doesn’t matter one jot what Nvidia does - if they make the best graphics cards then that’s what they’ll be buying. Others will have taken a stance though. In our poll on the Nvidia GeForce Partner Program back in March, a handful of the GD community did say they will be switching to AMD as a result of what was deemed to be anti-consumer practice. The vast majority weren’t too bothered though, claiming they’d buy which makes the best GPUs.

So here we are, on the cusp of new a graphics card generation. AMD has built up plenty of goodwill in the CPU market with Ryzen but it feels as if progress with GPUs has been a heck of a lot slower. Vega was a late answer to Pascal, while the Radeon RX 500 series was an incremental upgradeable. Nevertheless, the RX 500 series provides a solid alternative to GeForce, even if the prices this year have been totally out of whack.

However, both Nvidia and AMD have big plans for the next 12 months. After a relatively static two years for the GPU market, it’s going to be a busy, busy time for upgrades. Hardware fans have been waiting a long time for a chance to upgrade, and both Nvidia and AMD have new generations of graphics cards waiting in the wings. Nvidia will assuredly hit the market first with Turing, so AMD fans are going to have to exude patience.

So looking both forwards and backward, which graphics card company do you trust more right now? Are you intending to go Nvidia or AMD for your next GPU? Get voting in the poll below!

Our Favorite Comments
"Performance wise, it has to be Nvidia.But I personally prefer AMD, I just hope they release faster GPUs soon."
"I'm fair bit biased towards the red side in terms of trust, that's something I can't deny. I take what AMD says more truthfully than what Nvidia says, but they're still big massive companies and I will never trust a company based on what they say alone.Which one do I plan to buy next? The one..."
"Dont trust one more than the other.Assuming things stay as they are, with amd cards moderately to obscenely more expensive than nvidia, the latter would get my money for a new build. Also, amd was super late with their higher end cards before, why would I want to wait more than one year to buy a..."
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