We’re fast approaching the three year anniversary of a fairly momentous moment in Microsoft’s history - the launch of Windows 10. After the abysmal failure of Windows 8, Microsoft was chomping at the bit to get a new OS into everyone’s hands, gamers included. They were so desperate, in fact, that they gave away Windows 10 for free to each and every owner of Windows 7 and Windows 8. Despite this, erm, generous offer, there were hundreds of millions that didn’t make the jump to the untested new operating system during its first year.

Windows 10 has proven divisive for many people, not least for gamers. Microsoft took little time in pushing its first-party titles into the dreaded Windows Store as UWP apps. Not only did this render the games unplayable on older operating systems, and therefore forcing an upgrade for those who wanted to play them, but the UWP wrapper prevented modding, the frame rates used to be locked, and previously there was no G-Sync or FreeSync support.

But times change, and for the average user, Windows 10 has become a solid no-fuss operating system. Power users and businesses are inevitably the folks the run into trouble, but from a gaming perspective, Windows 10 is arguably the place to be right now.

According to the Steam Hardware Surveys, the gaming world at large also agrees. Windows 10 64-bit is now the dominant gaming OS on Steam, accounting for over 55% of the users. Windows 7 users are now a minority, although at 33% they’re still clinging on.

So, three years down the line, how has your position changed in regards to Windows 10? Have you jumped aboard Microsoft’s new OS or have you remained steadfast in your support for an older OS? Or, have you taken an even further jump and moved to OSX or Linux as your primary gaming OS? Let us know below!

Our Favorite Comments
"Still using Windows 7, after switching from XP in 2010. I would switch to Windows 10 only if:1.There will be no good alternative in the future (next 3-4 years maybe)2.Future hardware will no longer support Win73. Win7 dies completely"
"I've never had any problems running any game using Windows 10."
JuKezz -
"Even though I hold my grudges like a dwarf and still sit on my windows 7, my next build is going to be w10 for the sake of simplicity."
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