What appears to be the first picture of an engineering sample for Nvidia’s upcoming next-gen graphics card has leaked. The test board looks very experimental in design but it does clue us in on some details for what we can expect from Nvidia’s upcoming Turing GPU.

From the image, the big news is that we can quite clearly see Micron GDDR6 memory chips on the PCB. There are 12 Micron GDDR6 memory modules in total, each with the part number 8BA77 D9WCW. These are 12 8Gb modules with 14GB/s memory speed, providing a total of 12GB GDDR6 memory sat on a 384-bit memory bus.

With the 384-bit bus this would provide total memory bandwidth in the region of 672GB/s on this particular sample. This is a fair whack in excess of the 484GB/s per second afforded by the GeForce GTX 1080 Ti and even narrowly in excess of the 652GB/s on the Titan V.

On the board itself the actual GPU is clearly absent. There is what appears to be an NVLink interface at the top though, as well as no less than three eight-pin power connectors. It’s safe to say his engineering sample needs some serious juice.

At this early stage, it’s difficult to ascertain whether this is actually our first look at an early version of a genuine Turing graphics card, or whether this is just a test design that Nvidia is messing around with.

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