We love this time of the hardware cycle. The current crop of graphics cards are just slightly beginning to show their age, and a new generation of hot chips are right around the corner. 

AMD is hoping to wow us with its next-generation GPUs, the expectation being that AMD could be ready to ship its 7nm GPUs at some point in 2019.

For now, we're playing the waiting game. But when the next crop of AMD Radeon graphics cards grace us with their frame-rate-crunching ways and 4K wizardry, which of the graphics card manufacturers are you going to side with? You see, picking AMD or Nvidia is just half the battle. Even when you know you want a Radeon RX 680, there are literally dozens of different variants for all sorts of GPU manufacturers.

On the AMD side, we have the big-hitters like MSI, Gigabyte and ASUS all making an appearance, but there are also AMD-exclusive brands like Sapphire and PowerColor, as well as a medley of upcoming brands.

When making that all-important decision of which graphics card to buy, a decision that could be hundreds of dollars, which GPU brand do you know and trust? Get voting in the poll and let us know why below!

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